How to replace recessed lighting ?

How to replace recessed lighting ?

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How to replace recessed lighting ?

(Summary description)How to replace recessed lighting ?

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How to replace recessed lighting?


Replacing your recessed lighting involves two main steps -replacing recessed lighting trim and replacing the bulb itself.Figure out how to replace a light bulb in recessed lighting depends on the type of recessed lighting you're dealing with -New constructin housing style or Remodel housing.

New constructin housing in recessed lights means that the lights are very easy t oinstall or replace if you have access to the space above the ceiling ,i.e. the attic.That's because these ligths are bulkier and have a frame that can be affixd from above,These lights are impractical if you don't have access from above, however,

Remodel housing is installed and wired from below.With this option,you'll need first  wire the fixture and then push it into its socket. 

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