New technology for LED medical lighting

New technology for LED medical lighting

  • 2020-09-19
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New technology for LED medical lighting

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  • 2020-09-19
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I. Introduction to new TECHNOLOGY of LED medical lighting
(I) Technical background
At present, lamps used in hospitals around the world are mainly divided into two categories: medical lighting, mainly including special lighting equipment with special functional requirements used in hospital inspection and surgical treatment, such as shadowless lamp, medical inspection lamp, medical head lamp and ULTRAVIOLET disinfection lamp, etc. Second, general indoor lighting in hospitals, such as fluorescent lamps or energy-saving fluorescent lamps used in wards and office corridors, as well as projection lamps used in public places with large Spaces, energy storage lamps and indicator lamps used in emergency lighting, and lighting fixtures such as neon and incandescent lamps used in exterior wall decoration.
Operating shadowless lamp is a special functional lighting fixture for indoor lighting.

(1) Current situation and problems of operating shadowless lamps
At present, operating shadowless lamps mainly use halogen light sources, which basically meet the requirements in terms of brightness and shadowless. However, due to the limitation of its working principle, there are the following problems:
High power consumption;
Ultra-high infrared thermal radiation, so that the surgical area produces a higher temperature rise, resulting in the wound water loss of patients and affect wound healing and increase the risk of infection;
(3) color temperature can not be adjusted, dry conducive to the doctor quickly, accurately distinguish various tissues, easy to cause medical accidents. Different human tissues or the same tissues with different degree of freshness have different reflectance to different wavelengths of light. Human eyes have different sensitivity to different tissues under different wavelengths of light. (4) the huge lamp structure obstructed the normal circulation of the purified air, reduced the purification effect, need to improve the purification level of the operating room to meet the requirements of the cleanliness of the operating area, greatly increased the construction and operation cost of the purification system.

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