Tonghui Lighting----Our Process

Tonghui Lighting----Our Process

  • 2020-04-13
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Tonghui Lighting----Our Process

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  • 2020-04-13
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When converting a building to LED lighting you need someone who can do an in-depth lighting analysis based on the light your facility needs rather than just trying to replace the bulbs you currently have. This will give you the best value, and also provide results you will be proud to display to your customers and employees.
LED lights are not direct replacements for existing lights, they are truly a new way of delivering light. We start with the basics to determine the best solution for you. We create a custom floor plan of your facility and perform a lighting design analysis based on how you think your building should look, not on the obsolete lighting in your building today. Often the best option is changing entire fixtures and changing the number and placement of lights to achieve the most from this new technology rather than just changing old bulbs.  And we do the work necessary to show you what will work best for you.

Access Energy Solutions provides a detailed analysis of your facility and your needs in making a conversion to LED lighting.  We work with facility managers, office managers and others designated by you to ensure that we have everything needed before going on-site to assist in a smooth and timely lighting analysis.

  • Access Energy Solutions will ask you to fill out a basic information sheet which will help us identify important facts as we begin working together to complete a proposal for a turn-key conversion for your facility.
  • Our team will walk through your facility with your representative digitally documenting your building layout and existing lighting fixtures. We record light levels and ask you what you want from your lighting, determining your needs based on the lighting outcome you desire.
  • We communicate with your energy provider and calculate rebate potential and file any needed paperwork for you.
  • Access Energy Solutions selects the appropriate bulbs and fixtures based on the size and shape of your rooms, the light level readings taken at the time of the assessment, industry standards and your preferences.
  • Access Energy Solutions then provides you with a detailed presentation and analysis of your building, including building layout and lighting locations.


  • Access Energy Solutions will coordinate installation of the product, or you can install it yourself. If you would like to have your own team or other company complete the installation we will provide initial onsite support and will continue to provide technical support throughout the project.

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