The significance of new LED medical lighting technology being rated as national standard

The significance of new LED medical lighting technology being rated as national standard

  • 2020-09-19
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The significance of new LED medical lighting technology being rated as national standard

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  • 2020-09-19
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Chongqing Bangqiao Technology Co., Ltd. has made a major breakthrough in the science and technology project of "Medical LED lighting series product development and industrialization", and successfully obtained the new LED medical lighting technology, which was appraised as the national standard by Quankuang Medical Electrical Appliance Standardization Branch in 2010, filling the gap in China.
National standards are of great significance to national economic and technological development and are the normative technical documents at the highest level of the state. National standards shall generally be formulated by the National Professional Technical Committee for Standardization and shall be examined and approved and promulgated by the AqSIQ.
With the tremendous development of China's medical industry and the continuous expansion of foreign exchanges, more and more attention has been paid to the standardization of medical devices. Industrial standards play an important role in guaranteeing product quality, ensuring the effectiveness of/S bed use and patient safety.
Surgical lighting is an important issue concerning medical safety and health of medical staff. Therefore, it is an urgent problem to study the color rendering characteristics and lighting requirements of different human organs and tissues in the medical industry. Based on high-power LED chip technology to print surgical shadowless lamps, it reduces the illumination of surgical shadowless, changes the traditional surgical lighting technology, and creates a new technique, new method and new standard of surgical shadowless lamp. It can improve the operating room laminar flow purification effect, the cost and operation cost of Dow operating room, improve the sterile environment of surgical wound site, create a new standard of medical laminar flow purification, and also create a new standard of construction of medical operating room.

The LED medical lighting technology was named the national standard, the different using human organs and tissues of what kind of color temperature, brightness and saturation of LED lights to achieve the best visual effect gives the definite conclusion and unified guidelines, beneficial to maintaining the doctor's physical and mental health, protect the legitimate rights and interests of doctors, also has the assistant to improve the quality of medical safety, promote the further development of medical service. The standard makes up for the lack and lag between the national standard and industry standard of medical lighting in China. The applicability, timeliness and feasibility of medical lighting standards are greatly improved.

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