Application trend and development trend of new LED medical lighting technology

Application trend and development trend of new LED medical lighting technology

  • 2020-09-19
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Application trend and development trend of new LED medical lighting technology

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  • 2020-09-19
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The overall technology of Chinese medical lighting industry is low, and the brand effect is insufficient.
The potential huge application market in China is mouth-watering. At present, most of the equipment used by large hospitals in China comes from foreign brands, such as Martin, TRF and Dell, etc., and domestic brands of medical lighting products can only occupy part of the small and medium-sized hospitals. The price of LED medical lighting products is relatively high (the price of foreign brands is as high as 600,000 yuan/set), while domestic LED medical lighting products are relatively low and have price advantages, so they still account for half of the domestic market at present. Market potential is the biggest advantage of China. In recent years, due to the state's attention and investment in medical care and national health, the original imperfect and perfect medical system and system have been gradually improved, driving the rapid development of the entire medical device industry, thus driving the increasing demand for medical lighting.


From the perspective of application, LED medical lighting technology will be widely used in surgical lighting in the future: operating shadowless lamps; Area lighting: operation department, operation preparation room and ward lighting; Local lighting: gynecological examination lamp; Diagnostic lighting: headlamp, ear lamp, oral lamp, nursing lamp, etc. Throughout LED medical lighting technology research and application at home and abroad, the present situation and development process of the LED medical lighting although just started, and medical lighting belong to the category of medical apparatus and instruments, high barriers to entry, the developed countries in this respect has just started, the gap between our country and the international advanced level is relatively small, but is the health care industry, so the LED lighting products will be in the next 3 to 5 years gradually replace traditional medical lighting products.
At present, the domestic medical LED lighting enterprise in matching with the market demand has been developed the LED lighting products, medium and low-end products by "national central capital of rural health service system of basic medical equipment domestic bidding" and "domestic medical equipment product application demonstration project (hereinafter referred to as 10 million engineering)" projects in the county, township, community health institutions to carry on the popularization and application, has been in the domestic numerous 3 armour hospital, high-end products in the model demonstration and parts sales, and export to Japan, Australia, the Philippines, Turkey, and South America, and the blessing of medical institutions in the developed countries. The development of the domestic market has completed the early market guidance and laid a certain market foundation. The healthy and orderly development of the whole market is in urgent need of guidance and promotion from relevant departments in the development of the industry.

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