Modular design of LED light engine and lighting products

Modular design of LED light engine and lighting products

  • 2020-09-21
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Modular design of LED light engine and lighting products

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  • 2020-09-21
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Modules, or modules, have been widely used in the automotive, aerospace, and electronics and communications industries, and today modular products abound. Not only has the precise definition, and has developed from the European and American enterprises and universities into the methodology, the product and industry have a complete standard system, and according to this strict requirements of OEM manufacturers, the product reliability and quality to improve the extreme. As LED lighting products continue to expand their application scope and gradually move towards product maturity, more aspects and links connecting the past and the future need to be considered in advance, especially the interchangeability, compatibility, universality and sustainability of products that affect the development of enterprises and industries.
The author has been concerned about LED lighting products and enterprise development for a long time, and feels that the current situation of LED lighting industry is crowded, which leads to the chaos of market order and the constant questioning of owners. We collect and compile product materials, reports and literature, and keep communicating with local governments, owners and installation and maintenance units. Here, according to many years of accumulated experience, modular product is related to basic design concepts, definitions, purpose, benefits, the method and successful experience to share to all, from the end user, the enterprise itself, lighting industry chain development and explore problems, thinking about the future, the author to put our heads together to find a solution method and the way out. This paper is divided into three parts, mainly returning to the basic definition, hoping to illustrate the method of modular design and product architecture with the successful experience of IT industry, and emphasizing the effectiveness verification of LED optical engine or modular design and the importance of continuous design innovation breakthrough.
Keywords: module, optical engine, modular design, integral design, interchangeability, compatibility, universality, sustainability


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