How to replace recessed lighting ?

How to replace recessed lighting ?

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How to replace recessed lighting ?

(Summary description)How to replace recessed lighting ?

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How to replace recessed lighting ?

5.Once you're ready to install  the new fixture, start by opening the attached junction box and claming the wires coming out of the ceiling into it. Leave enough run in the wires to move them around as needed. Strip some of the plastic insulation off the wires if you need to and then color -match them onto the box with wire nuts.

6.Before mounting the lighting, turn the pwer back on for a bit and use a voltage tester to check i f there's electricity going into the bulb's socket.If there is ,turn off the circuit breaker again, if not- the wires are not connected properly. 

7. Insert the housing inside the hole on your ceiling.

8. Attach the baffle and trim of the fixture next, There are diferent  ways to do that depending on the model you have but it should be easy either way.

9. Lastly, insert the bulb of your choice and the glass or plastic cover o ver it if there is one.

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