How to improve the power efficiency of LED electronic display

How to improve the power efficiency of LED electronic display

  • 2020-09-22
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How to improve the power efficiency of LED electronic display

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  • 2020-09-22
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LED electronic display, generally large area, the overall power consumption is also relatively large, so it is particularly important to improve the use of the power of the electronic screen. Then, in order to improve the power of LED electronic screen, LED display manufacturer Lianchengfa reminds us to solve the following problems:

1. Reasonable selection of switching devices: This is the balance between cost and performance, what kind of customer requirements, what kind of devices to use, but reasonable. If you want efficiency, there is no doubt that COOL MOS, low VF output diodes.
2. Choose a good electrolytic capacitor. Many people ignore this.
3. Under the premise of power consumption design efficiency, it should be taken into consideration that many chips have HV boot pins, and the lower the startup current, which is to learn more about the new devices. Of course, there are also external circuits for non-destructive startup, etc., which I think is not suitable for LED drive.

4. Keep the main circuit PCB as short as possible: The experience and layout of LAYPCB is nothing. The quick way is to see more works of Dachang.
5. Optimize the design of transformer parameters: reduce the eddy current loss caused by ringing. This is more difficult, first to grasp the electromagnetic basic knowledge, design a reasonable transformer, the most important thing is patience, even if it is thought that can improve the efficiency of 0.5%, also want to try.
It is pointed out in the L6562D application document of ST about chip auxiliary power supply optimization that 15V is the best, but LED is generally wide voltage output, so I choose to add a linear voltage regulator to make the chip work at 15V to reduce the loss.
7. If the input EMI part of optimization design is too safe, this part is more elaborate, mainly because of experience.
8. Select high-efficiency topology structure. This is the beginning of scheme selection, such as PWM and QR PFM.

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