Cob display screen small spacing LED what mean

Cob display screen small spacing LED what mean

  • 2020-09-22
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Cob display screen small spacing LED what mean

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  • 2020-09-22
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The shallow-well spherical luminance is adopted, so the viewing Angle is wider, the larger the viewing Angle of the screen, the clearer and more uniform the image is. The micro-spacing LED display has unique wide viewing Angle technology, with vertical and horizontal two-way ≥178 degree ultra-wide viewing Angle, larger display coverage area, no dead Angle and no color deviation, and the image is always perfect, seamless and uniform.
Energy conservation and environmental protection
COB display screen adopts large chip led, which can effectively improve brightness, heat dissipation is uniform, brightness attenuation coefficient is small, and good consistency can be maintained after long use. LED light is energy saving and environmental protection light source, high photoelectric conversion efficiency, low power consumption, radiation resistance, so that Voury Zhuohua micro-spacing LED display products have obtained RoHS environmental certification, FCC certification, passed the first level energy efficiency test. Under the premise of emitting the same brightness, COB has lower heat dissipation and more energy saving.
High brightness and step by step adjustable, suitable for all kinds of brightness environment
The LED display unit has high brightness up to 1200CD /㎡, and the brightness can be adjusted step by step from 0~ 1200CD /㎡. The above features make the display can be adapted to any indoor brightness, whether in the day or night, sunny or cloudy, and whether it is in a relatively closed control room, conference room, or the light bright exhibition venues, such as the lobby, LED display can bring to the audience at the most appropriate display bright degrees most comfortable visual experience.
Stronger resistance to high temperature and humid heat environment
Heat dissipation level is the core factor that determines the stability, point defect rate and service life of small spacing LED screen. Better heat dissipation means better overall stability. COB process micro-spacing LED display screen adopts an integrated anti-oxidation casting aluminum box to improve the product's temperature resistance, UV resistance and stress resistance.


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