Why does ligth affect our psychology?

Why does ligth affect our psychology?

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Why does ligth affect our psychology?

(Summary description)Why does ligth affect our psychology?

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Why does ligth affect our psychology?

Like most other animals on Earth, humans have evolved in accordance with their   environment. And light ,particularly the natural sunlight, is a very common part of that environment,Before the invention of artificial light sources or clocks,sunlight was people's cue to when they should go to sleep when they should wake up ,when they should be more physically active, and so on.This is reflected in our biology and hormones too.  

One good example is the hormone melatonin,This is the hormone that prepares our brain and body for sleep-it's essentially the hormone that mkes us feel sleepy,The human body is programmed to release melatonin under different circumstances such as physical tiredness at the end of a long day  of work,However, melatonin is also released aftr sunset when it gets dark,This is an evolutionary  response of our body as most ancient humans would start preparing to go to sleep as soon as the sun sets.

Another pretty well-known way in which sunlight affects our bodies, and through them -our psychology, is Vitamin D.Crucial for a lot of different physical aspects of our well-being,vitamin D is also very significant for our  psychology as it prevents anxiety and dep ressive conditions. 

Most of these benefits we gain from sunlight aren't   p r e sent underexposure of artificial light,People have c reated quite a few different sources of artificial light at this point but most of them serve strictly  practical functions and can't replace natural snlight in all the manners in which it   serves our physiology and psychology,That's why it's so important to give yourself enough exposure to natural sunlight  throughout the day.Even if you work indoors there  are  always ways to provide y ourself with enough sunlight by  working near a window or just  going outside every once in a while ,The effects of windows and daylight exposure on the health,sleep and psychology of people has been very well documented over the years.

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