OLED can be embedded in printing materials for new lighting attacks

OLED can be embedded in printing materials for new lighting attacks

  • 2020-09-25
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OLED can be embedded in printing materials for new lighting attacks

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  • 2020-09-25
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OTI Lumionics says its "Aerelight for Print" technology utilizes a brand new manufacturing process and new materials developed by the Toronto-based manufacturing company.
The company gave no details about the manufacturing innovation or the composition of the materials.

In the live demo, only that Aerelight is part of the cover of the latest annual edition of a magazine. OTI Lumionics, Frontier and Flash Reproductions, a Toronto-based printing and production company, have teamed up to insert a flexible OLED panel into a small rectangle that lights up when touched.
This is another example of how flexible OLeds (organic light Emitting diodes) can extend the range of lighting beyond traditional shape factors. In another example, Germany's Fraunhofer FEP showed off a flexible OLED wristband that it says could be used for medical purposes.

Unlike leds, which have only a single spot of light, OLeds respond to electricity by emitting light in multiple sheets, including flexible and rigid materials. While they have made great strides in areas such as cars, televisions and smartphone screens, they have yet to revolutionize lighting as some have predicted for years.
OLED enthusiasts say the soft material will allow designers to make artificial light directly into clothing, furniture, walls, Bridges and many other necessities such as prints. However, OLED development has been hampered by manufacturing costs and lagging energy efficiency. Meanwhile, LED developers are still looking for ways to embed leds in a variety of materials to achieve the same goal as OLED.

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