Who is in charge of the switch of the street lamp?

Who is in charge of the switch of the street lamp?

  • 2020-09-26
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Who is in charge of the switch of the street lamp?

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  • 2020-09-26
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The switch of street lamp, formerly basically rely on artificial.
Not only time consuming, but also easy to cause different lighting time in different regions. Some lights are on before dark, while others are still on after dawn.
It can also cause problems if the lights aren't turned on or off for the right amount of time: too much light can waste a lot of electricity. Turn on the light time is short, can affect the traffic safety.
Later, according to the length of day and night in the four seasons, many cities made a timetable for the work of street lamps. They used mechanical timing and assigned the task of switching on and off street lamps to a timer, so that the city's street lamps could work and rest reasonably and punctually.

But the clocks don't change when the lights are turned on and off depending on the weather. There are times a year when the sky is cloudy and it gets dark early.
To cope with this situation, some roads have been equipped with smart lighting.

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