The steady progress of intelligent street lamp

The steady progress of intelligent street lamp

  • 2020-09-27
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The steady progress of intelligent street lamp

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  • 2020-09-27
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From the current development of 5G and smart light poles, many people are more inclined to believe that the deployment of 5G base stations through street lamp poles is expected to accelerate the landing of smart cities and will form a close connection with the revolution and development of 5G era. Therefore, when 5G comes, it is the outbreak of intelligent lamp pole. And under this action, LED lamp pole screen will also usher in a new development situation of new economy, new pattern and new driving force.

Blueprint for the future informatization implementation depends on the role of a new generation of information infrastructure, and LED lamp post screen information advantage is highlighted, and presents the high speed development, can say, the LED light pole screen is one of a new generation of information infrastructure of the breakthrough point, and in all sorts of policy support, the further integration of informationization and LED lighting panel will also become a new trend in the future

Therefore, with the strengthening function of smart city construction informatization, 5G technology-based innovation industry will become more active. Meanwhile, under the trend of new driving force of smart light pole, 5G will become the growth point of application demand of LED light pole screen, and its extensive application and deep integration will be more advanced.

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