UVC LED sterilization simulation experience sharing

UVC LED sterilization simulation experience sharing

  • 2020-10-07
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UVC LED sterilization simulation experience sharing

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  • 2020-10-07
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Qualitative analysis is more practical
Uvc-led application is to kill invisible microorganisms by means of naked eye invisible light. We need to indirectly study this process by means of tools. After decades of development, various manufacturers have summarized a set of practical simulation methods to guide product design. To what extent can UVC-LED achieve at present?

It is well known that the rate of microbial extinction is related to the UV dose received, which in turn is related to the intensity and duration of exposure. Bactericidal effect is the comprehensive result of biological sensitivity, optics and fluid. In the simulation, as long as one side has deviation, the final result will be distorted.
The accuracy of optical simulation has been fully verified in the white LED industry, and various simulation tools are quite mature. Fluid simulation tools are widely used in the design of vehicles, ships, aircraft and even space tools, and their reliability can be guaranteed if they are used properly. Optical and fluid coupling algorithm has been used in the design of traditional UVC tube sterilization products, so through simulation method can get more accurate UV dose.

The main error comes from the basic data testing.
At present, the UV inactivated dose table of different microorganisms can be found in the professional literature. This dose is for the traditional UVC lamp with the wavelength of 254nm. Due to the different sensitivity of microorganisms to UVC light of different wavelengths, the traditional dose table is not suitable for uVC-LED with the wavelength of 265-280nm.

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