UVC LED sterilization simulation experience sharing

UVC LED sterilization simulation experience sharing

  • 2020-10-07
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UVC LED sterilization simulation experience sharing

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  • 2020-10-07
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A simulation evaluation method with enterprise characteristics

At first, simulation was only a guide to product design. With the increase of test feedback, the simulation method is constantly modified and evolved. After a period of accumulation and trial and error, a set of simulation models conforming to the characteristics of the company's products will finally be formed, which can greatly shorten the r&d cycle of subsequent similar products.
To be specific, collect all the original data, including light source parameters, actual size, simulation results and so on, before the sterilization effect of the product is measured. During sterilization test, it is better to collect test data in the field, such as environmental temperature and humidity, real-time flow rate, operation methods, etc. After getting the sterilization report, compare the difference between measured and simulated, find out the cause of error and correct the parameters. Guide the adjustment of the product according to the revised model, and re-test and cycle the above process. Interestingly, this process is very similar to practicing a shot.
Over the years, every NBA star has developed his own shooting style. Technique is not good or bad, can score on the line. Similarly, due to the differences in testing methods, equipment, product characteristics, and r&d capabilities of various manufacturers, the simulation models obtained are often not comparable and cannot be arbitrarily applied.


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