Problems with voltage-current converters (DC to DC) :

Problems with voltage-current converters (DC to DC) :

  • 2020-10-08
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Problems with voltage-current converters (DC to DC) :

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  • 2020-10-08
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According to the specification of LDD-350H, the output current of LDD-350h is 350mA, and the range of output and input voltage are respectively: input 9-56VDC and output 2-52VDC. The actual output voltage is determined by the LED load, while the input voltage is within the operational range as long as it is 3V higher than the output voltage. This means that when the forward bias of LED is 9V, the INPUT of LDD-350h will work normally in the range of 12~56VDC.

Because in practice because the voltage 24 v power supply is relatively common, probably will advice in the catalogue of lamps and lanterns collocation use 24 v power supply, under the condition of incomplete information, is likely to cause system assembler misjudgment, and power supply tie-in sex problems, these problems related to the instantaneous input boot, possible phenomenon is the boot failure or lamps flicker when the phone is switched on, the following problems against doing more detailed instructions.

Condition 1: Not enough current is available from the constant voltage power supply
The main reason is that the starting voltage of the current converter is lower than the rated voltage of the front-end power supply. When operating at low voltage, the demand current of the current converter is higher than the output current value of the power supply. Take FIG. 3 for example, the LED voltage and current on each of the light bars at the output end is 9V/1A, and the total output is 270W when 30 lights are connected in parallel. If the lamp or converter input voltage is labeled as 24V input, the average person may choose a 24V LED driver greater than 300W, such as the HLG 320H-24.

The HLG 320H-24 specification shows A maximum output wattage of 320.16W and A maximum output current of 13.34A. If single in accordance with the specifications, used to drive the lamps and lanterns is does not seem to be too big problem, but the actual situation is when the current converter after the termination of the 9 v LED, a step-down converter function will start when the 12 v input, because the drive from the boot to the output rise to normal voltage needs certain time, if the input point of converter is low and no soft start system (increasing the output power from low to high), likely in HLG - 320 output rose from 0 v to 24 v, in the process of converter began full output work, at this time due to the current demand is higher than HLG - 320 - h - 24 can supply, so the PSU output will be lower and the interrupt, Lamps may blink, be too low in brightness, or fail to turn on at all.

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