There are problems with the development of deep UV leds

There are problems with the development of deep UV leds

  • 2020-10-09
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There are problems with the development of deep UV leds

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  • 2020-10-09
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Uv-led single chip area is small, convenient for flexible design; But correspondingly, the radiation power of a single chip is also low, which is difficult to meet the requirements of high radiation power density in many applications. This is also one of the important reasons why UV-LED is difficult to replace UV discharge lamp in many fields.

3.1 Improve the luminous efficiency of chips
1) High quality AlN crystal layer
The first thing we need to solve is the high quality AlN module of each band of UVC LED chip. To make a blue LED, a crystal layer of indium gallium nitride is superimposed on the sapphire substrate. Making high quality crystal layers is the key to achieving mass production and stability, but indium gallium nitride does not crystallize easily on sapphire.

To this end, a gallium nitride "buffer layer" was developed, and then a layer of indium gallium nitride was added to the sapphire. However, unlike blue leds, deep UV leds use gallium nitride as the luminescent material, and gallium nitride is easy to absorb ULTRAVIOLET light, so the buffer layer material needs to be changed to aluminum nitride. With the progress of crystal growth technology, the single crystal AlN with high IQE(internal quantum efficiency) gradually becomes mature.

2) Research on AlGaN doping technology
Firstly, various properties of N-algan composed of high Al were studied. The influence of different Al content on activation energy, ohmic resistance and Schott properties.

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