This is the light-diffusing material in LED lamps

This is the light-diffusing material in LED lamps

  • 2020-10-09
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This is the light-diffusing material in LED lamps

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  • 2020-10-09
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Light diffusion material refers to the material that can transform point and line light sources into line and surface light sources. Generally speaking, the function of this kind of material is to make the light source less dazzling after refraction, reflection and scattering. Let's take a look at some common light diffusion materials in LED.

At present, the main preparation methods of photodiffusion materials are polymerization and blending modification.

One, gather legal
According to the principle of light refraction, the polymerization method selects two kinds of polymer monomers with certain difference in refractive index and poor compatibility to polymerize together or adopts piecewise polymerization to further prepare the light-diffusing material of light scattering. Will be two types of reactivity of different monomer polymerization preparation, because scatterer monomer and form a matrix monomer reactivity, scatterer monomer from poly or block copolymerization monomer with matrix, and this two kinds of monomer for their respective condensation nucleus which is formed by the optical properties in the chain is uniform, occurs in the boundary of the condensation nucleus light reflection and refraction, thus formed the scattering. The polymerization method has been widely used in the preparation of PMMA based optical diffusion materials.

2. Blending modification method
The blending modification method is to add a light diffuser into the resin. The light diffuser is spherical and evenly dispersed in the transparent resin to form an island structure. Due to the different refractive index of the resin and the light diffuser, the light is similar to specular reflection on the surface of the light diffuser, and the light diffusion effect is achieved through multiple reflections. At the same time, the addition amount, particle size, distribution and refractive index of the light diffuser determine the optical properties of the material.

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