We need to know the specifications.

We need to know the specifications.

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We need to know the specifications.

(Summary description)We need to know the specifications.

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We need to know the specifications.


Battery Backupmbrightness, on/off switch or automatic, Here are one of the important things you need to know. The backup is useful for situations like winter when your solar panels may not draw enough power to keep the light running as long as you need . The brightness levels you need depend entirely on your purposes for the light, Low, warm light comes from 20 to 60 lumens. Higher lumes will give a clearer ,brighter path. You'll want to decide if an on/off switch  or an automatic or dusk to dawn light is most appropriate for your family,This may be because they want to keep the pathway lit only on certain times or days, or because they live in low light areas and want to preserve power for when it's needed. 


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