LED source zoom technology in lighting development

LED source zoom technology in lighting development

  • 2020-10-10
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LED source zoom technology in lighting development

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  • 2020-10-10
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In LED commercial lighting development to today, product homogeneity, disorderly competition, has made LED lighting from the blue sea into the price of the red Sea. Today, with such fierce competition, LED lighting has begun to divide into different segments such as museums, hotels, restaurants and offices in the application field. In the development of technology, also toward dimming color, intelligent control direction. At the same time, more manufacturers are moving towards LED zoom. It has been nearly a decade since the evolution of zoom in LED applications here. So what are the current developments of zoom technology in LED lighting?

In fact, zoom technology is common in everyday life, such as zoom cameras, stage lighting and so on. However, the zoom principle of the camera and LED is just the opposite of the mirror principle, there is a big difference, and the stage lighting application is also common. In addition to the traditional metal halide lamps, automobile lights and other applications of zoom, when it comes to LED zoom application direction, the earliest application should be LED flashlight industry. Around the year 2000, at a time when many people didn't know what leds were, leds began to take the lead in the flashlight industry.

As LED belongs to surface luminescence, but also has the advantages of intensive luminescence, zoom in the APPLICATION of LED has become possible. And the company that first applied zooms to LED torches also achieved great success. In the LED zoom flashlight industry, I have to say that guangdong Yangjiang Yangdong Na Valley Technology Co., LTD., a world-renowned company founded in 1997, has become the world's second largest high-end mobile lighting brand "LEDLESER" in 2005, with an annual export of more than 100 million DOLLARS. In the fierce competition of LED mobile lighting today, Yangdongna Valley technology still maintains the export sales volume of over $100 million.

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