Innovative application of LED light conversion technology

Innovative application of LED light conversion technology

  • 2020-10-10
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Innovative application of LED light conversion technology

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  • 2020-10-10
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Leds are ubiquitous in everyday life and are increasingly being used in large, high-definition televisions, cars, streets, workplaces and homes. In recent years, LED prices have been falling, leading to a booming global LED lighting market. However, we are facing a second revolution in LED lighting. Next generation LED optical technology can provide more comfortable, safe, high quality and connected LED lighting at a more affordable price. SAN Francisco-based nanochemical materials startup Light Polymers is toppling the LED lighting industry with an innovative, proprietary technology for aqueous-liquid crystal materials.

Aqueous liquid crystal materials are used in light conversion technology
Light Polymers LTD. Is specialized in the synthesis of aqueous liquid crystal materials for a wide variety of applications. The company now USES this unique chemical for down-Conversion and has developed the new Crystallin line for architectural lighting, beauty bulbs and red light bulbs, plant, fish and animal growth lamps, professional photography lamps and advanced personal lamps. Among them, the lighting product was launched in August through sales partners and online penetration ahead of the Asian market, and was launched in the United States in November.

"The advanced polymer technology for Light Polymers is quite different from the traditional fixed-color LED packaging," Marc McConnaughey, CHIEF executive and President of Light Polymers, said in an exclusive interview with LEDinside. "Light conversion technology is not a new concept for the LED industry, but it has been slow to be widely used in lighting due to its execution and cost."

In the past, high performance color (CRI) lighting equipment was mainly used in museums and other places where color performance is very required. Light Polymers' waterphase liquid crystal materials allow the lamps to emit a comfortable and uniform Light, retaining a panchromatic gamut (high CRI), with low glare and uv protection. Because Light Polymers can reduce manufacturing costs, these ultra-high quality lighting products could win the market at a more reasonable price.

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