How can We extend the life of leds

How can We extend the life of leds

  • 2020-10-12
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How can We extend the life of leds

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  • 2020-10-12
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The key to prolong its life is to reduce its junction temperature. The key to lowering junction temperature is to have a good radiator. It can emit the heat generated by THE LED in a timely manner.
Here we are not going to discuss how to design a radiator, but to discuss which radiator has a relatively good heat dissipation effect. In fact, this is a junction temperature measurement problem, if we can measure any kind of radiator can achieve the junction temperature, so not only can compare the heat dissipation effect of various radiators, but also know the use of this radiator can achieve LED life.

Junction temperature seems to be a temperature measurement problem, but the junction temperature to be measured is inside the LED, you can't always put a thermometer or thermocouple into the PN junction to measure its temperature. Of course, its shell temperature can still be measured by a thermocouple, and then its junction temperature can be calculated from the thermal resistance Rjc given. But after the radiator was installed, the problem became complicated again. Because leds are usually welded to aluminum substrates that are attached to radiators, if you can only measure the temperature of the radiator housing, you must know a lot about the thermal resistance to calculate the junction temperature. This includes Rjc (junction to enclosure), Rcm (junction to aluminium substrate, which should also include the thermal resistance of thin film printed plates), Rms (junction to radiator), Rsa (junction to air), where any inaccuracy of one data point can affect the accuracy of the test. Figure 3 shows the schematic diagram of the thermal resistance from LED to radiator. Many thermal resistances are incorporated, making the accuracy even more limited. In other words, it is even less accurate to estimate junction temperature from the measured surface temperature of the radiator.

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