Quartz sheet quartz sleeve

Quartz sheet quartz sleeve

  • 2020-04-15
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Quartz sheet quartz sleeve

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  • 2020-04-15
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I. quartz reflector, also known as quartz UV cold mirror

UV cold mirror, also known as ultraviolet filter or insulation quartz sheet, including coated and uncoated film, plane and surface of the specific classification, the use of imported GE quartz sheet processing, the main role is to ultraviolet UV light produced by the infrared part of the filter, reduce the heat of the irradiation, is the preferred solution for low temperature UV equipment.
Planar UV cold mirror: ACTS to block infrared IR. Ultraviolet light in transparent UVA band; Curved UV cold mirror, function permeable infrared IR. Reflection of UVA ultraviolet rays. Import Heidelberg printing press is available. Ist-uv curing system and other equipment with quartz reflector, Taiwan zhisheng exposure machine equipment with quartz water cooling sleeve. Professional insulation sheet, transmission of ultraviolet ray reflection infrared ray.
Ii. Quartz sheet specification
Quartz glass has 1mm-10mm thick, 3*150*150mm quartz insulation sheet, there are coated film and not coated film, and can be customized according to customer requirements of various specifications of quartz sheet.
Three, quartz slice function
Blocking infrared IR heat, through ultraviolet UV energy, is the UV insulation sheet. Cut off the infrared ray, so as to achieve in the UV machine to reduce the surface temperature of the product workpiece, so that the product can accept high energy, low temperature, the product does not deformation, do not change color. Greatly improved the quality of products.
Four, the advantages of quartz
High temperature resistance corrosion resistance
Good thermal stability
Good pervious to light
5. Application scope of quartz sheet
Quartz sheet is widely used in printing press, exposure machine, curing machine, lamp shade, etc.

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