How to install the floor cage of solar lights ?

How to install the floor cage of solar lights ?

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How to install the floor cage of solar lights ?

(Summary description)How to install the floor cage of solar lights ?

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How to install the floor cage of solar lights ?


The first step in the installation of solar street lights and the most important thing is to do the foundation, just like building a house, No matter what you do, the foundation is always the most important, The foundation is used to fix the structure of solar lamps, and it also plays the role of placing and protecting the battery. 

Due to the different heights of various solar lamps and the magnitude of the wind force, the strength of the foundation of various solar lamps is different ,Durig construction, ensure that the foundation strength and structure meet the design requirements. 

The consstruction personnel may be responsible for questioning the unreasonable choice of the installation site according to the situation on the construction site and stop the constuction , and report the situation to the relevant person in charge withn the first time, Rectification must be completed within a time limit, in accordance with actual  construction standards. The installation steps of the solar street lamp base cage are as follows:


1. Excavate pits along the road in strict accordance with the size of the solar street lamp foundation map (the construction size is determined by the construction personnel)

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