Uv robot becomes Europe's new weapon against the novel Coronavirus

Uv robot becomes Europe's new weapon against the novel Coronavirus

  • 2020-10-17
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Uv robot becomes Europe's new weapon against the novel Coronavirus

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  • 2020-10-17
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Some 200 Spanish public hospitals have taken the first step towards becoming one of the first countries to receive so-called "disinfection robots" from the European Commission, foreign media said. Combining uv and robotics, the device has the potential to be used in a novel coronavirus pandemic without human intervention to sterilize a space that could be contaminated with a novel Coronavirus.

The European Commission said at a meeting of its health and safety committee that robots could help protect health workers and patients while limiting the spread of the virus and preventing cleaners from being put at risk during disinfection. According to the European Commission, these devices can kill 99.99 percent of pathogens in confined Spaces.

The machines have been successfully used in hospitals in Europe and some parts of the world and can effectively meet hospital sterilization requirements, the European Commission said Tuesday.
The first disinfection robots included in the project were developed by Danish company Blue Ocean Robotics in collaboration with hospitals in the Odense region of Denmark, the report said.

About 200 Spanish hospitals have shown interest in the technology, the Ministry of Health said Tuesday. The Commission said the robots would be distributed according to the epidemiological situation and needs of each country.

Spain has been one of the countries that has shown the most interest in the plan, the report said. So far, several other countries, including Sweden and Germany, have asked for more information. "We have not yet seen studies on the effectiveness of such robots," the Swedish commissioner told the Commission. German commissioners were more cautious, even mentioning the dangers of ultraviolet radiation. "The robot can operate outside the room and the operator will not be exposed to ultraviolet light under any circumstances," the Commission replied.

The Commission hopes to distribute the first 50 robots in November and then "deliver them at a rate of 50 per month". In any case, the number is only a first step, as a hospital with about 300 beds will need a dozen of such robots.
Blue Ocean Robotics officials say that while other machines that emit ultraviolet light exist, these robots can move automatically to reach dark areas that cannot be covered by static equipment. In addition, the robot can disinfect a hospital room in less than 10 minutes.


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