Four key reasons why the construction of smart light poles is still in the pilot stage

Four key reasons why the construction of smart light poles is still in the pilot stage

  • 2020-10-19
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Four key reasons why the construction of smart light poles is still in the pilot stage

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  • 2020-10-19
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With the large-scale promotion of 5G construction, the large-scale roll-out and construction of smart light poles is not far away. But at present, the smart lamp pole is still in the pilot stage, for many reasons. For now, there are four reasons:

I. Diversity of design schemes;
Ii. Unclear business model and profitability;
3. False demand may exist;
Iv. Limited application scenarios.
The author, as a professional in intelligent lamp-post industry, starts from practice and analyzes it with everyone.

Diversity of software and hardware design schemes
At present, in addition to basic functional lighting, smart lamp posts can also be equipped with meteorological instruments, WIFI, one-button call, outdoor charging pile, HD camera, outdoor LED display, waterproof sound column, micro-base station and other functions. If the smart lamp posts are to be rolled out for construction, the design scheme should be clear. The combination and carrying of sensors should not be decided by the head. Blindly combining all functions will only cause a waste of resources and an unjustified increase in cost. The smart light pole scheme needs to be clarified, we need to keep trying, to pilot, we will know what specific functions suitable for what kind of road segment, this needs a relatively long process to clarify.
In addition, as for software platform level compatibility, although it can be achieved on the technical level, it still needs to be tried and tried in practical projects.

Unclear business model and profitability
In terms of investment and construction of smart lamp posts, the price of smart lamp posts can vary from 30,000 to 200,000 yuan due to the different functions they need to carry. Such cost of construction, no matter for the government, or for the manufacturers are not small investment.
At present, in the market with unclear business model and unclear profit situation, it is difficult for social capital to participate in. If large-scale paving is carried out rashly, the risk of debt is bound to increase. Therefore, the investment and construction of intelligent lamp-post need to explore and analyze its business model through a small project pilot.
Among them, an important plate worth noting is the late operation of the smart lamp pole. According to the different places, its mode is different. At present, the operation and maintenance cost of smart light poles is relatively high, and the warranty period of functional modules involved is also different. It is necessary to explore the points of operating income in the practical application of the project step by step.

There may be pseudo-requirements
At present, the smart lamp pole is in essence a multi-function pole and a multi-function pole, that is, a combination of various functions. At present, the market demand for smart lamp posts is actually limited, and it is not clear whether it is really necessary to have so many functions.
Most of the functions of the existing smart light poles are mainly to replace functional lighting and replace the traditional light poles. Meanwhile, this kind of substitution is not reflected in cost reduction and efficiency improvement, instead, it gives people a feeling of being flashy, and it is to build a smart city with a fixed thinking. In terms of lighting planning and construction of the whole city, an overall layout should be made from the aspects of appearance, function, platform construction and application scenes of lamp posts.

Limitations of application scenarios
As far as the current situation is concerned, there are not many application scenarios for the existing smart light poles. For example, the two functions of WIFI and outdoor LED display advertisement need to be built in the scene with a large number of pedestrians, while the charging pile needs to be built in the parking spot.
For most of the streets in the current city, there is simply no room for intelligent light poles designed under existing concepts. At present, the application of smart light poles is relatively limited to the rest stations, parking lots, landscape and other such scenes on the highway.
In a word, the construction of a smart city will never stop. As a part of a smart city, smart light poles will eventually appear in our real life. However, when the smart light pole is rolled out and constructed on a large scale, its specific functions and design may be adjusted to be more realistic, so as to save costs and increase the possibility of profit.


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