PCOLED technically converted the G spectrum to the B spectrum

PCOLED technically converted the G spectrum to the B spectrum

  • 2020-10-20
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PCOLED technically converted the G spectrum to the B spectrum

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  • 2020-10-20
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The SOLUTION of THE Taiwan Institute of Technology is to convert the G spectrum to the B spectrum by technical means without using any B material, thus developing the OLED surface plasma-coupled gain technology PCOLED. Using the DML structure to generate planar plasma coupling effect, the spectrum of G material can be converted into B spectrum. White light OLED can use G material to replace B material, which not only solves the problem of too short life, but also extends more than 20 times than traditional OLED.
From the current market, we still can not clearly indicate LCD, OLED which is more promising. LCD has made great progress through HDR, quantum dot and other technologies, especially the quantum dot technology with nanomaterial as backlight, which enables LCD to approach or even surpass OLED in effect, but with lower cost and longer life.
OLED is supported by LG and a number of domestic manufacturers, and the integrated experience is still the best today. At the same time, as the technology matures and grows in size, resolution, and longevity, the only problem is cost, which takes more time to be accepted by the consumer market.
To be sure, LCD and OLED screens will coexist in the market for a long time, and each has its own advantages. The fierce competition is expected to allow consumers to get better displays at lower prices, which will have a positive impact on TV, computer, display and other fields.
LCD, OLED competition and CRT era, ordinary picture tube and Trinitron, diamond small competition is the same. The effect of ordinary picture tube is general, but it has price advantage; SONY's Trinitron, Mitsubishi's diamond-Trinitron, because of the use of a single gun three, three gun three bundle of technology, the effect is very good, far more than ordinary picture tube, but the price is also several times more expensive.
But in the CRT era, even the trinitron, the diamond-sized image has advantages


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