Community Solar Can Survive Even In A Pandemic.

Community Solar Can Survive Even In A Pandemic.

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Community Solar Can Survive Even In A Pandemic.

(Summary description)Community Solar Can Survive Even In A Pandemic.

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Community Solar Can Survive Even In A Pandemic.


Board market and low risk. 

Despite the growing demand for clean,renewable energy,for more than half of US residents and buisinesses, installing solar photovoltaic power is not a viable option.There are many reasons:their roof space is insufficient to accommodate the solar system ,the shadow of hte roof or the direction towards the sun is incorrect, they rent property and cannot access the roof, or they lack funds to invest in an onsite system.

The community solar model eliminates these obstacles and provides solar benefits for all people who receie electricity bills (including low-income residents, businesses,municipalities,schools,and nonprofit organizations.)

Participants also have obvious economicbenefits,Many community solar programs allow customers to offset all or part of their electricity consumption wihtout having on participate in upfront costs. Most plans provide rates that are lower than utility fees paid by the participant's share of array solar production on their utility bills,thereby immediately reducing monthly utilities cost. 

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