OLED lighting is the next game changer

OLED lighting is the next game changer

  • 2020-10-22
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OLED lighting is the next game changer

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  • 2020-10-22
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As we all know, after more than 100 years of evolution and development, from incandescent lamp, halogen lamp, fluorescent lamp to LED, the form of lighting products has become mature. At the Frankfurt Lighting Fair, we also found that the products of different manufacturers are not obviously different, and the popular filament lamp products in recent years are also similar.
In terms of plant lighting, it is still in the early stage of promotion, and osRAM Optoelectronic Semiconductor and Samsung and other enterprises were also highlighted in this exhibition. But in general, not many companies are doing plant lighting displays.

And in the process of communication with enterprises, osram opto semiconductors for greater China sales director general lighting Shao Jiaping also believe that LED lighting in indoor and outdoor landscape, office, commercial, and industrial applications such as obtained widely used, though in product form tend to be immobilized, but in the lights, people-oriented, etc still continuous development.

Therefore, the real fundamental change in product form is OLED lighting. The LG Display, which launched its new OLED lighting brand "Luflex" at the end of last year, also made its debut. LG Display also seems to show its "uniqueness" by having separate exhibition halls outside the pavilions where other vendors are concentrated.

It is understood that, different from other light sources, OLED lighting is created by organic organic self-luminous features, with low power consumption and heat, environmental protection, and natural light and other characteristics, and more thin, transparent, flexible, etc., design is very free, so it is considered as the next generation of lighting technology.
In the field of lighting, OLED can not only be used as indoor and outdoor general lighting, backlight and decorative lighting, etc., but also can produce artistic flexible luminescent wallpaper, Windows with monochromatic or colorful luminescence, wearable luminescent warning signs and other dreamlike products. Based on its future prospects, GE of the United States, Osram of Germany, Philips of the Netherlands, Matsushita of Japan, Yi Guang of China and other companies have carried out research and development of OLED lighting devices.

As we all know, Samsung and LG of South Korea have been leading the world in OLED research and development, especially in mass production. LG Display's fully integrated Kamei P5 fifth-generation OLED lighting production line (1100mm x 1250mm) is the largest in the world, capable of producing about 30 times more than the original second-generation production line (370mm x 470mm), which produces 4,000 units per month. LG Displays plans to start with 15, 000 units and then gradually expand production through mass production. Meanwhile, LG Display announced a supply contract with Germany's Daimler to increase its lighting capacity to 30 times its previous level in a bid to supply the Japanese and German auto giant. Arguably, LG Display already has a first-mover advantage in OLED lighting applications.
On the application side, OFweek semiconductor lighting editors also learned from LG Display staff that on-board lighting will become the primary market for OLED lighting. In addition, decoration, interior lighting, advertising, general lighting, medical, automotive and other fields will become its potential market. In terms of market performance, it is expected to reach $6 billion in 2018.


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