A brief discussion on the ten-year change of domestic street lamps

A brief discussion on the ten-year change of domestic street lamps

  • 2020-10-23
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A brief discussion on the ten-year change of domestic street lamps

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  • 2020-10-23
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Awareness of energy conservation, street light ushered in the LED light replacement tide

In the past, high pressure sodium lamp with its high power, high brightness characteristics, has been acting as the main light source of street lamps. However, due to the high pressure sodium lamp high energy consumption, short life and other shortcomings, municipal departments in the management of funds to bring a lot of burden, coupled with its poor utilization rate of light energy, low light efficiency increasingly prominent problems, directly affect the road traffic participants' visual experience.
From the end of the 2000s to the beginning of the 2010's, driven by the national policies of "energy conservation and emission reduction", "one hundred thousand million" and "one hundred thousand million lights", LED light source replacement trend also came along. As street lamps with high power consumption in the field of lamps for many years, they naturally became an important member of this trend.

Relevant statistics show that, compared with street lamps with the same power high-voltage sodium light source, LED street lamps can save 40-80% energy consumption; In terms of light color and road lighting effect, the color rendering index of LED street lamps with cool color temperature is 45~55 higher than that of traditional light source with warm color temperature. In addition, LED light is easier to form effective light, so that traffic participants can see the road conditions more clearly. In the light source service life, compared with the high pressure sodium lamp 1~2 years, the LED light source can be used for more than 10 years, making it a perfect substitute for the high pressure sodium light source in road lighting.
However, the LED street lamp seems perfect and infinite, but at the beginning of its promotion, it discouraged many municipal engineering contractors for no other reason. Based on the price at that time, under the same power, a set of high-pressure sodium lamp lamp head is about 1200~1500 yuan, while a set of LED street lamp head is about 2000~5000 yuan.

Under this bottleneck, a cooperative mode called Energy Management Contracting (EMC) has become popular in LED street lamp procurement. Follows the LED lighting the longer, the more energy saving effect, and the principle of return on investment is, the more obvious, guarantee by the government, LED street lamp manufacturing enterprises benefit from energy-saving benefit, energy-using units and energy conservation service company also according to the agreed percentage share of energy-saving benefit, the municipal engineering contractor in this mode can realize zero or less input, thus reduce the direct economic burden of purchasing the LED street lamp.
Besides, represented by frequently on the photoelectric LED street lamp manufacturers will also EMC mode combined with other flexible business model, production enterprises as both product and service providers, and financial institutions to give attention to two or morethings bridge with customers and manufacturers, users, and financial institutions in the LED street lamp in new clothes and cross-dressing project implementation to achieve maximum benefit and risk minimization, form a tripartite win-win situation.
After a series of application bottlenecks such as price and energy efficiency sharing were solved, in the first half of 2010, the new LED street lamp installation project was in full progress all over the country, the domestic installed street lamp high pressure sodium light source has been replaced, LED light source makes the street lamp in the road functional value can be improved.


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