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72w Led Wall Washer Cloud Series

1. LED products are made in dust-free workshop with company's high standard. 2. Each product receives 12 hours aging test before packing. 3. Sampling after packing. 4. Each type of LED products has reports of flux test and distribution curve test. 
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Qingdao Tonghui Lighting Technology Co.,ltd is a manufacturer engaged in LED lighting products with well-equipped testing facilities and trong technical force,with a wide range ,good quality,resonable prices,and stylish designs.We have a variety of high-precision production and testing equipment.We are the manufacturer specialized in LED lighting for over 10 years.Our lighting is covering in Architectural,Commercial, Industrial, Residential area and Tunnel, Underwater etc.


Led lamps/lights for direct replacement of conventional incandescent, halogen and fluoresent,energy-saving lamps, can be used in :


1. Hotels

2. Conference/Meeting Rooms/Showroom 

3. Factories & Offices 

4. Commercial Complexes

5. Residential/Institution Buildings

6. Public Buildings, housing and the underground garage

7. Schools, hospital and all places that need energy saving and high brightness 



1.Adapt to different surrounding temperatures, with the characteristics of aluminium alloy body,toughened glass top cover, fixed bracket, waterproof design.

2.Adopt the technology of PMMA high photic lens, high illuminating utilization ratio;long distance of illumination (3-10m).

3.Logical structure design, easy to install.

4.High power led, energy saving, environmental protection, long service time, no UV radiation etc.

5.Good performance of high temperature resistance and climate resistance.

6.Color changing control style: inner control or DMX512 protocol control.

7.Application: City lighting engineering, business ground, airport, metro station, bridge etc, indoor and outdoor floodlight.

Installation Note:

1,Please hire a professional electrician to install the light to avoid accident.
2,Make sure the supply voltage is right. (A wrong operating voltage can cause permanent damage of the light.)
3. Avoid  installing in a place with heat source,hot vapour or corrosive gases,otherwise it will reduce the service life.
4.When the light is on,do not touch the shell directly in case of being scalded.
Any question during installation and using,please consult a professional electrician.




Wall Washer Light Application :

Best Serivices:


1. your inquiry will be replied within 12 hours.

2. fast sample delivery 3 days around

3. best –trained and experienced sales staffs follow up with you

4. OEM/ODM services all can be customized

5. distributor,agent,investor and more welcome

6.5 year limited warranty: spare parts can be offered along with orders


Our Product Group:


Flood & Spot Light

Wall Washer Light

Liner Light

Strip Light

Down Light

Street Light

Tube Light

Track Light

High Bay Light

Lawn/Garden Light

Pole Light

Panel Light

Wall Pack Light

Decorative Light

All Kinds Of OEM &ODM Lights


Outdoor DMX LED Wall Washer Light
High lumen
waterproof light
high quality light
factory product
wall washer light
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