The social benefits brought by intelligent lighting system

The social benefits brought by intelligent lighting system

  • 2020-11-23
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The social benefits brought by intelligent lighting system

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  • 2020-11-23
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3. The monitoring center can actively inquire the switching status, current voltage, electric quantity and other data of each street lamp through LORA wireless communication technology.
4. Single light and group control can be carried out on the lamps. A single centralized controller can control more than 1000 single lights at most to meet the needs of applications in different places.
5. Single lamp memory function, which can work independently without the control system. Before changing the operating parameters of each lamp, it will always turn on and off the light and adjust the brightness repeatedly according to the parameters set last time.

Urban road lighting is related to the safety of people travel, people are concerned about the livelihood of the project. Energy-saving renovation of urban road lighting is conducive to enhancing the image of the city, reducing carbon emissions, improving the urban environment, and is a long-term public welfare project benefiting the people. Through the construction of informationized and automated system, combined with smart light poles, the lighting effect of municipal roads is improved, the traditional way of relying on manual on-site regulation and patrol inspection for troubleshooting is changed, which greatly saves manpower and maintenance costs, and reduces carbon dioxide emissions, thus truly realizing low-carbon intelligent lighting.



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