Can visible light communication work?

Can visible light communication work?

  • 2020-12-22
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Can visible light communication work?

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  • 2020-12-22
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This technology after all can not, did not actually see the Demo, the author dare not easily express an opinion, but the netizen's brick is quite sharp, mainly can be divided into the following aspects:
Interference problem: Some netizens expressed their professional opinions on interference problem. Sometimes, the environmental light source works in the same spectrum band. At this time, if the environmental light source is strong, it is very likely that LiFi cannot communicate normally, mainly because the signal/noise ratio (SINR) is very poor. Visible light communication is full of interference. Will strong light and light pollution become a major interference in visible light communication? Such as car headlights, billboards, even lightning and so on.
Transmission range problem: some netizens said that light belongs to high-frequency electromagnetic wave, the higher the frequency, the faster the attenuation. At present, WiFi generally works at 2.4g and 5G, and is generally 30m~100m. You can imagine optical communication, which can generally travel around a room.



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