China's smart LED plant plant helps Qatar's agriculture

China's smart LED plant plant helps Qatar's agriculture

  • 2021-03-30
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China's smart LED plant plant helps Qatar's agriculture

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  • 2021-03-30
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According to the introduction, Alpha Dan farm mainly produces seasonal vegetables, and the machinery, seeds and cultivation technology are respectively imported from China and EU countries, among which the high-tech planting technology is all from China, and the farm will expand the scale of production using China's high-tech agricultural technology. China's high-tech agricultural technology is very advanced and has produced the most obvious economic benefits, which will play a huge role in Qatar's implementation of the "Food and Vegetable Security Strategy".
Qatar is a desert country, the country has no natural arable land, grain, vegetables, meat mainly rely on imports. In recent years, Qatar has focused on implementing economic diversification and improving its food production capacity, with particular emphasis on vegetable production. To this end, Qatar has launched a "Food and Vegetable Security Strategy", aiming to increase the country's vegetable self-sufficiency rate from the current 35 percent to 70 percent by 2023.

Fahad, the owner of Alfadan Farm, believes that in order to achieve the goal of 70% self-sufficiency rate of vegetables, the government should not only increase investment in agriculture, but also speed up the introduction of agricultural high-tech and comprehensive agricultural technology. China's high-tech agricultural technology will undoubtedly help Qatar to implement its "food and vegetable security strategy".
According to Gao Yuntao, general manager of the Intelligent LED Plant Factory, Fahd's partner, the farm is highly valued in Qatar for its use of integrated farming techniques such as hydroponics and stereoculture, which can greatly improve land utilization, save water and fertilizer, and resist the effects of high temperature and humidity.
At present, the vegetables produced with the above-mentioned Chinese technology have grown from two varieties of rape and lettuce three years ago to more than 30 popular and high-priced varieties in the Qatari market, including 6 kinds of lettuce, 4 kinds of collards, 5 kinds of chilies, cabbage, spinach and celery.
Fahad said that the high-tech agricultural technology of China's smart LED plant plant greatly improves the economic efficiency of the farm. This new technology is not only an important guarantee for the development of the farm, but also helps promote the development of agriculture in the region.

Source: China Lighting Network

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