Why OLED light sources have no blue light hazard

Why OLED light sources have no blue light hazard

  • 2020-05-19
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Why OLED light sources have no blue light hazard

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  • 2020-05-19
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  1.  OLED spectrum
  2. The ultimate goal of OLED light sources is to be the equivalent of natural light. Oleds are an efficient source of green light because they have the spectral distribution of natural light in a pure state without any processing.

  3. The test report
    Technical requirements: the true brightness of the lamp is L≤10000cd / ㎡, and the lamp (or the lamp system using the lamp) is not dangerous when blue light is used at any distance. Test results: L = 2892cd / ㎡, no dangerous class; Single decision: measured value
  4. In indoor commonly used light source, the color temperature is selected from 3000k to 4000K. As you can see from the picture above, incandescent lamps (tungsten filament lamps) and OLED are ideal light sources (spectra). Incandescent lamp advantage is the price is cheap, but power consumption, easy to heat, luminosity is not enough and other shortcomings gradually abandoned; OLED light source is a new type of mainstream light source in recent years, especially in the field of visual desk lamp. However, the high cost of OLED has put off some consumers.
    The author suggests that choose a good light source for your family, office study, not poor money to choose OLED light source, its life 30,000-40,000 hours, a lamp of one thousand or two thousand yuan, with 10 years a day without much money; Of course, what price respect waits for consideration to be able to choose tungsten filament lamp appropriately, at the same time raise house whole brightness appropriately (turn on namely advocate lamp + desk lamp).
    Care for the eyes, in addition to create a good light environment, the choice of high-quality desk lamp, the most important or we use the eye habits, do science with the eye, after all, electronic products also have a lot of blue light it; Finally, proper outdoor exercise, pay attention to diet and rest time.
    Love eye, protect eye, science use eye, eye bath sunshine.

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