LED Learning Center

LED Learning Center

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LED Learning Center

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All About LED Light From The Experts 

Lights are a huge part of our lives in modern society,Everything seems to be lit in some fashion or another,We notice different kinds and types of electroinc devices each day that emit or provide us wiht lgiht,One of these are LEDs.LEDs stand for light emitting or semiconducting diodes,These are electroinc devices that allow the current to only flow in a unidirectional manner,There are all kinds of LED lights so we wanted to take some time to educate you on LEDs. 


How Do LEDs Work?

LEDs do not use filaments nor do they get heated up like normal light bulbs do,The diodes are arranged in a way as to form a P-N junction,with the P side containging holes or positive charges, and the ON side containing electrons or negative charge, When a certian amount of voltage is applied to the circuit the electrons from the Narea move towards the P area or the holes and as teh both combine and interact at the junction,energy is released in the form of light .This emitted light is the light we see coming from LED light . 

Why Choose LEDs?


LEDs the prices are last much longer, run cooler ,cost less in the logn run and save a lot of energy.This makes LEDs the primary choice when choosing light bulbs or fixtures.

As time has progressed, incandescent lgihts have become a thing of the faraway,distant past.With their high power consumption and low efficiency,better and more innovative alternatives have been introduced, such as CFLs and LEDs, but the question till remains, CFL or LED? Our answer is smple: LED LIGHT BULBS trump everyone. 

Several different models of LEDs are available in the market today and deciding on which one to buy can become a feat,therefore, it helps if you have a certain criteria in mind when selecting one,for example, how much estmated brightnes do you require, if you want a warm or a cool light, whether you want a fixture or retrofit.


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