The new generation of information infrastructure represented by the wisdom lamp pole is helping to prevent and control the epidemic!

The new generation of information infrastructure represented by the wisdom lamp pole is helping to prevent and control the epidemic!

  • 2020-03-27
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The new generation of information infrastructure represented by the wisdom lamp pole is helping to prevent and control the epidemic!

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  • 2020-03-27
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The current epidemic has touched the hearts of the entire nation.

But for today's article, we won't talk about medical data like confirmed cases, cured cases, and deaths.

We are going to talk about the "causal relationship" between emergency prevention and control, governance capacity and urban fine management.The new generation of information infrastructure represented by smart lamp pole and urban brain plays an important role in emergencies.

Our ability to manage emergencies needs to be improved

On 27 January, when mayor of wuhan Zhou Xianwang had an interview with CCTV, it frankly pointed out the cycle to the prevention and control of epidemic of disability: "I feel like our ability to cope with the crisis, we all the way to deal with public health events have to perfect, well for emergency management, we also need to improve this ability."

Technology and wisdom cannot be absent in improving the level of urban fine management

The prevention and control of the epidemic, and the prevention and control of more public emergencies in the future, is not only a "big test" for the bearing capacity of all aspects of society, but also a "big test" for the level of social governance and fine management.

Advanced technologies and information technologies, such as big data, cloud computing and artificial intelligence, have become an inevitable choice and an important starting point for the modernization of China's governance system and capacity.

In other words, in today's changing world, we need to have a higher, broader vision and newer and more effective tools for urban governance.

Wisdom lamppost ACTS as propaganda

Although the projects of "integrated pole", "one pole with multiple functions" and "wisdom lamp pole" have not been implemented on a large scale, it has taken on certain publicity responsibilities in this outbreak:

(1) the jiaxing iron tower is located at the wisdom pole tower of zhulin village, xinfeng town to help the government carry out epidemic prevention and control propaganda.These towers are equipped with several functions, such as monitoring, lighting, broadcasting and environmental monitoring.The village committee released the relevant prevention and control measures and requirements of the government timely through the emergency broadcast on the tower of wisdom, so as to reduce the personnel going out and reduce the risk of infection.

(2) graphic imaging always gives people the most intuitive feeling.The lamppost display on the wisdom lamppost, in this outbreak, has also become a "part" of the publicity.

In addition to reflecting these hardware functions, we also hope that the wisdom pole can be more prominent in the future "wisdom" meaning.

In the era of big data, the smaller the granularity of the collection, the more accurate the data will be, so that the decision-makers can master the first-hand information in real time.This is the embodiment of urban fine management ability, but also the wisdom lamp pole will play an important role.

Represented by wisdom light pole of a new generation of information infrastructure, through every corner around the city of the "point" advantage, making it a wisdom city "eye" and "mouth", through the municipal manhole covers, trash can fill status and temperature and humidity, such as PM2.5, wind direction and other environmental data for real-time monitoring and perception, for security, transportation, municipal and other 10 kinds of 17 concrete social service function.

This is not only a technological innovation, but also a social innovation, an innovation of social governance mode, which reveals the future development mode of the city and heralds the arrival of a new stage of urban civilization.(Reprint)

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