How lighting needs to change as we age

How lighting needs to change as we age

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How lighting needs to change as we age

(Summary description)How lighting needs to change as we age

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How lighting needs to change as we age 

Select light bulbs with a high colour rendering index (CRI)

CRI indicates how accurately a light bulb renders or displays colours to the human eye.It is rated on a scale from zero to one hundred with one hundred being the best possible rating.

Since aging eyes yellow, they have a harder time distinguishing between bules, purples, and greens,which can decrease contrast in text and images and make it harder to read. As a result , providing the most accurate colour rendering indoors in areas where it matters, such as desks, reading chairs ,office spaces, and hobby or craft tables, will make it easier for older members of your household to distinguish between different hues.Select a light bulb with a CRI of at least 80, such as these LED light bulbs.

Highlight key ares

If vision is severely declining , you can help by outlining and highlighting key areas, such as doorways,stairs , bathrooms,bedrooms, ,and hall ways, with LED strips or rope lights.This will help decrease the risk of falls and make it easier to see at night.




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