5 Big Tips For Lighting A Small Room

5 Big Tips For Lighting A Small Room

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5 Big Tips For Lighting A Small Room

(Summary description)5 Big Tips For Lighting A Small Room

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5 Big Tips For Lighting A Small Room 


5 decorate the room with a mind for the space 


To make your room appear larger, there are more tools than just lighting at your disposal. Add some of these options:

Mirrors--- To open up a space and create the illusion of a larger room, place mirrors on the wall. Especially directly across from any windows. 


Paint Colour--- Light paint colours will help to make the space seem bigger. Select neturals , shades of white, or lgiht pastel tones for the walls, floor, and ceiling of yur small rooms. 


Colour scheme- Another way to create the appearance of a bigger room is to opt for a monochromatic colour scheme. Using the different thones of the same colour throughtout the room and its textiles helps them blend better and tricks the eye into believing there's more space. 


Declutter- Cut down the number of furniture and decorative toches to make your space feel less cluttered and more spacious , and be careful with your wall art choices.Stay away from bright or oversized pieces, as well as a large number of small tones. Instead , try to limit yourself to oner or two medium sized artworks. 


Scale back on furniture- In addition of furniture you have in the room, scale back on the size. Opt for a smaller loveseat instead of a full- sized couch. 

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