How Light Affects Our Health ?

How Light Affects Our Health ?

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How Light Affects Our Health ?

(Summary description)How Light Affects Our Health ?

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How Light Affects Our Health ?


Light is integral to human life. Our exposure to natural and unnatural sources of light significantly influences ou daily lives and our overall health, including our emotions, productivity, sleep patterns, sight, and even the choices we make.We know it's important , but why exactly does light have such a huge impact on us? Let's find out. 


The impact of illumination 


Our circadian rhythms, or internal body clocks, are directed by light. Light singals to our bodies and brains when it's time fo us to wake up, when we should feel alert or tired, and when it's time for bed. As a result, the amount of light we get each day can have a huge impact on our emotional and physical well- being.When we don't get enough light, when we get too much, or when get the wrong kind, we start to feel it on a few fronts. 


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