Key points of office lighting design

Key points of office lighting design

  • 2020-07-14
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Key points of office lighting design

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  • 2020-07-14
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The intensity and color of natural light, artificial light source in the office directly affect the visual organs of the staff, and then affect the working mood and effect of the staff. Therefore, the lighting design in the office cannot be ignored.
In the case of artificial lighting, there are four common lighting methods: general lighting, local lighting, comprehensive lighting, special lighting.
General lighting, also known as total lighting, is a form of lighting that takes care of the entire illuminated surface without considering the special local needs. General meeting rooms, reception rooms and offices without special lighting requirements can be used in this way.
Local lighting refers to lighting used to increase the brightness of a given location. It is often necessary to use local lighting in offices that require delicate operations such as writing and calculation.
Comprehensive illume points to the illume mode that USES when the illuminance of working face needs to be constituted jointly by general illume and local illume, often be used at illume degree requirement is not same or the circumstance that the office that requires same illume degree is distributed not concentrated.
Special lighting, such as color lighting, invisible lighting, etc. Usually only used for special, special lighting requirements of the office.

In order to effectively control the lighting environment of offices, enterprises should pay attention to the following points:
1. Correct choice of lighting method according to the nature of the work and the distribution of the work place, so that it not only helps to improve the lighting effect, but also helps to reduce the lighting investment and daily expenses.
2 the correct choice of light source in the office lighting should try to use natural light as the light source, which is not only conducive to saving energy and costs, more important is the natural light bright and soft, the physiological function of the human body has a good impact. Artificial illuminant should serve as compensatory illuminant in office illume only, use with natural illuminant union.
3 to prevent glare in the field of vision when there is too high brightness or brightness ratio, so that people feel dazzling light is glare. The main measures to prevent glare are to limit the brightness of light source. Reasonably distribute the light source, such as making the light source above the line of sight of 45 degrees, forming a protective Angle or blocking the light source with opaque materials, appropriately increasing the environmental brightness and reducing the brightness ratio.
4. To make lighting uniform, it is necessary to make lighting uniform by reasonable arrangement of lamps and lanterns. In this way, it is usually necessary to make the difference between the maximum and minimum illumination in an office and the average illumination less than 1/3 of the average illumination.


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