How Light Affects Our Health ?

How Light Affects Our Health ?

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How Light Affects Our Health ?

(Summary description)How Light Affects Our Health ?

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How much light do we need ?


Light is essential, but getting too much or the wrong amount at the wrong time can impact you negatively.The amount you eed depends on two different thins: 


What time of day it is 

What you're trying to accomplish


Early in the morning, you want bright light with a cool coulur temperature , later in the day, you want something warmer and dimmer. 


Keep in mind that for intricate tasks and things requiring lots of foucs , you will want a brighter light. If it's in the evening and you want to keep your light warm and relaxing to limit the impact on your sleep,select a bulb with a higher lumen level rather than one with a daylight colour temperature , and keep it directed toward the task and outof your eyes. 


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