Using A Quick Connector

Using A Quick Connector

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Using A Quick Connector

(Summary description)Using A Quick Connector

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Using A Quick Connector


The easiest, implest ,and quickest way to go about it is to just use a quick connector.Quick connectors are simple devices that are sold at any hardware store, plus they can be bougght together with your Govee or other LED lights. This is a very hassle-free way to connect the copper dot on the LED strips to the electrical circuit.Here's what you do:

1. Pull the plastic bar 1/8 in (0.32cm) of of the quick connector, It's usually black and it's at the end of the connector.It's delicate, so be careful and just pull it forward. 

2. Locate the and -symbols on te back of the LED strip, on the other side of the copper dots. The connector should have two wires, one black and one red, Line up the black wire with the sign and the red wire with the sign. 

3. eek away the LED's adhesive backing 1/4 in (0.64cm).Only pull it back enough to expose the copper dots/terminals for the connector. If there's no adhesive backing but a plastic vover, use a box cutter to gently cut the plastic off the terminals. 

4. Plug the LED's copper dots to the quick connector. 

5. Close the plastic bar of the LEDs back over the quick connector. 

6. Connect the quick connector's wires with a power source with a terminal wire connector. If you don't have one, you can get it from any hardware store. Match the black and red wires to the right slots on the terminal wire connector. Then , just turn the connector's screws clockwise to screw the wires into place. Plug the whole thing into a power source and that's it.


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