How does a LED driver work?

How does a LED driver work?

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How does a LED driver work?

(Summary description)How does a LED driver work?

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How does a LED driver work?


Compared to traditional forms of lighting technology like incandescent and fluorescent lights, LEDs have many advantages,Not only are they far more energy efficient, long lasting-and thus better for teh natural environment- they also generate less heat, are more compact, very versatile, turn on and off more quickyl, and possess numerous other benefits besides, And yet one potential disadvantage of this form of ligthing that is not often disscussed is that it requires a steady flow of electric current at every moment, maintained at the voltage specified for this bulb, This enables the LED to maintain peak performance, and also stay at a constant temperature- and LED lights that overheat are particularly prone to malfunctioning, This is where an LED driver comes in . Read on to find out more .



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