LED area light power architecture and typical LED driver

LED area light power architecture and typical LED driver

  • 2020-09-08
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LED area light power architecture and typical LED driver

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  • 2020-09-08
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LED area lighting application requirements
The main function of the LED driver is to flow under a variety of conditions and to protect the LED from surges and other fault conditions, as well as to provide a level of safety against (electrical and/or mechanical) vibration and fire. For area lighting applications, the outdoor environment presents a temperature challenge for LED drivers and may require ac input voltages higher than standard voltages such as 277 Vac, 347 Vac, or even 480 Vac.
Many area lighting applications are outdoors and may be subjected to a variety of stringent temperature conditions, which can affect overall service life. The overall system design has an important impact on the service life, so it is very important to use the high-efficiency LED driver with less internal heat and lower loss. In addition, thermal isolation between the driver and LED heat source should be carried out in the design to enhance the reliability of the system.
LED lighting controls could also become more intelligent. Conventional street lights are controlled autonomously by timers or ambient light sensors. By using power line communication (PLC) or wireless control technology, highly flexible LED area lighting control can be provided, such as time-based centralized control of light output level, light-emitting level control based on vehicle flow sensor, and downtown lighting control based on the detection of people and vehicle activity, taking into account pedestrian vehicle and street lighting. LED intelligent control technology can save power without compromising safety.


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