LED area lighting power supply architecture and typical LED drive scheme

LED area lighting power supply architecture and typical LED drive scheme

  • 2020-09-08
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LED area lighting power supply architecture and typical LED drive scheme

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  • 2020-09-08
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1) Distributed/modular solutions suitable for linear and slot lamps
In the application of high-power LED regional lighting, a common power supply architecture is the three-stage architecture of "PFC + CV + CC". In this architecture, the AC input power supply, after power factor correction and isolated DC-DC (DC-DC) conversion, outputs a fixed voltage of 24 to 80 Vdc, which is provided to the constant-current LED module with built-in DC-DC step-down conversion circuit (see Figure 2). This architecture is designed to provide a modular approach to on-site upgrades that can flexibly change the number of LED light bars to increase or decrease the light output to meet the lighting application requirements of specific areas. Under this architecture, the AC-DC (AC-DC) conversion is not integrated with the LED drive circuit, but adopts a distributed configuration, which simplifies security considerations and enhances system flexibility. Also known as a distributed solution, typical applications include linear lights and slot lights.
In this modular approach, a design can be extended for multiple optical output levels. And as the LED light output performance is enhanced, the LED module to provide the same light output level, the required light bar is better. Each strip is equipped with a dedicated DC-DC LED driver, such as ansemel's CAT4201 high efficiency step-down LED driver. CAT4201 is specifically optimized for driving high-current leds using proprietary switching control algorithms to provide high energy efficiency and accurate LED current stabilization up to 350 mA. CAT4201 can be supplied at up to 36 V and is compatible with 12 V and 24 V standard lighting systems. Figure 3 shows the CAT4201 HIGH voltage LED drive configuration with N channels on the periphery


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