A system design scheme of a high pressure LED optical engine

A system design scheme of a high pressure LED optical engine

  • 2020-09-12
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A system design scheme of a high pressure LED optical engine

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  • 2020-09-12
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Optical engines will become the standard part of LED lighting fixtures
At present, the status quo of LED light source and drive power source of LED lighting may change. A large part of LED lighting lamps, whose LED light source and drive power source will tend to be standardized, will adopt the international common "light engine".
The ZHAGA Alliance aims to develop standards for LED Light Engine interfaces to enable interchangeability of products from different vendors. ZHAGA standards will cover the physical dimensions as well as the optical, electrical, and thermal properties of LED optical engines, and ultimately the compatibility and interchangeability of products between different manufacturers within the ZHAGA Alliance, in order to support the continued and rapid development of LED technology by defining a variety of dedicated optical engine interface data.

The establishment of the ZHAGA standard will help prevent the market differentiation of incompatibilities in lighting engines, so that consumers can choose and purchase compatible LED lighting products in the market, and at the same time continue to enjoy the efficiency upgrades provided by LED lighting technology. In addition, the establishment of ZHAGA standards will promote technological innovation in LED lighting applications and improve the overall economic benefits of society. The ZHAGA Alliance is an open organization whose members can share their IPR intellectual property rights and open up the participation of companies in the lighting industry. Its members include manufacturers of LED optical engines and LED lamps, as well as suppliers of components such as loose heat chips and optical components.
Therefore, LED manufacturers, packaging plants and drive power plants will all develop and produce optical engines of various specifications in 2012. "LED light source + drive power supply" and "HVLEDs+ high voltage linear constant current source" are similar subtypes. The special scheme of A19 and E27 is made according to the space of bulb, and becomes the standardized scheme when it enters the optical engine. Optical engine will become the standard part of LED lighting and large-scale production.


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