Interesting Facts About Solar Energy

Interesting Facts About Solar Energy

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Interesting Facts About Solar Energy

(Summary description)Interesting Facts About Solar Energy

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Interesting Facts About Solar Energy


8. Solar panels are silent and donot create any noise polluution,

9.Anything  that is run by oil, natural gas, or electricity can be run by solar power as well.     

10.The Mojave Desert is home tothe world's largest  solar power plant, It covers over 1000acres.

11.For the most part,  solar pa nels aremaintenance-free and require no additional expreses for them to prouce solar energy,Once solar panels are installed they just need      to be cleaned a couple of times a year.

12. Using a battery allows solar energy to provide electricity 24 hours a day .

13.The solarindustry is creating jobs six time s fater than any other job market. 

14.It wasn't long after the first solar cell was built that thespaceindustry  started integrating solar technology into their projects,The remains of th e first solar-powered man-made statellite, the Vanguard 1 is still in orbit today even though it is no longer oper ational.

15.In 2016,an airplane wasable tofly completely a round theearthusing only solar power . 

The benefits of solar  energy are endless, and morediscoveries arebeing made every day. With  these new advancemnts ,solar panels arebecoming more mainstream than evr,Just look around  you, You will probablysee someone in your neightborhood using solar lights orharnessing the power of the sun via solar panels, W hich means that the future of solar energy is  l o o king v ery birhgt,So why not start benefiting f rom solar power yourself?   

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