Modular Design and Product Benefits (A Case Study of IT Industry)

Modular Design and Product Benefits (A Case Study of IT Industry)

  • 2020-09-14
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Modular Design and Product Benefits (A Case Study of IT Industry)

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  • 2020-09-14
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Modules, or modules, have been widely used in the automotive, aerospace, and electronics and communications information industries, and today modular products abound (Appendix I.). Besides its precise definition, methodology has been developed by European and American enterprises and universities into a complete standard system for products and industries. Based on this, OEM manufacturers are strictly required to maximize the reliability and quality of products. Modular design, in addition to the need to have clear definition (the product definition and product architecture, product architecture), and for the development of product platform, in accordance with the effective sustainable development platform, expansion of product portfolio (the product portfolio) or product (product family) of benefit, namely: standardization, compatibility, expandability and evolvability is the basic spirit of design, modular design goal and the product development strategy.

Modular and Modular product definition:
-- It refers to the sub-system composed of multiple components, which are units with specific functions, commonly known as functional modules or referred to as modules
For the whole system, the functions of modules can be clearly distinguished. Modules are independent of each other but have a specific interface (interface), and work together to complete the system functions
A unit at the bottom of a system structure that is essentially unbreakable
A standard component is a component that circulates in the market and is recognized or mass-produced for use in other projects of the company
Difference between integral design and modular design [6] :

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