LED lighting affects the behavior of insects and birds

LED lighting affects the behavior of insects and birds

  • 2020-09-25
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LED lighting affects the behavior of insects and birds

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  • 2020-09-25
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Bats are not the only ones affected. Short wavelengths of "blue" light affect the animals' behavior, according to research published in the Journal Ecological Applications by the American Ecological Society (ESA). In this case, the study concluded that leds attracted nearly 50 percent more nocturnal invertebrates than other light sources. As a result, invasive alien species may be attracted to urban areas! Ports and commercial vessels.

Another study concluded that artificial light, particularly leds, alters bird behaviour, potentially negatively affecting biorhythms, daily activities and reproduction. The behaviors of some of the birds in the study included sleeping less, waking earlier and leaving the nest more often. In fact, light has such a powerful biological influence that it causes foraging, sleeping, migration, immune response, changes in cortisol, testosterone and melatonin levels, and metabolism of glucose at night.

More research raises the question, "Is this important enough to know?" "I rolled my eyes and sighed deeply. In this case, yes, you do need to know. The data collected in such studies may also be relevant for studies involving human species, but even for insects and birds, research data are important. How to increase egg production? Why do insects move and stay in some areas but not others? Bats and frogs symbolize rural health - messing up their food sources may be an important factor.

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